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The UCP Nomination vote for Lacombe-Ponoka will be on February 17, 2023.


Health Care

- We must decentralize the current system to ensure autonomy and effective delivery of health services.
- AHS must be restructured, with new accountability measures, and less bureaucracy in place to protect frontline workers.
- Red tape must be cut to increase efficiency in health care.


- Parents are the primary educators of their children:
- They must have a presence in the classrooms with their children.
- Biology belongs in the classroom, sex education belongs in the home.
- Freedom of educational choice: public, private, charter, religious, homeschool, pods (microschools)

- They must know what their children are being taught.


- Ottawa cannot dictate to us what is outside their jurisdiction. If they try, Alberta must push them back in their lane.
-Our economic prosperity cannot be contingent on Ottawa's approval.
- All people are free to choose what goes into their bodies.
- We all have the God-given right to life, worship, assemble, and speech.

- No more Vaccine mandates or lockdowns


Meet Jennifer

As a lifelong Albertan, with roots in Lacombe County for over 30 years, the future and prosperity of this area is close to my heart. Raising our 4 children here, now all adults, has given us a great opportunity to invest in our community, through many sports, orchestra with Rosedale Valley Strings and Burman Orchestra, choir, drama groups, 4-H, and Blindman Valley Agricultural Society.

Born and raised in the small but busy village of Carbon, leadership

opportunities were abundant, and expected. We all worked hard on the

farm, developing a good work ethic, and serving our community.

Marrying the love of my life, Dwayne, in 1997, was one of the best

decisions I ever made. Children soon came along, ending my short career

as a registered nurse in long term care. I homeschooled all 4 children,

from birth to graduation. Time was made to invest in multiple boards

and committees and  volunteer positions in the community.

We have always been politically aware and active. In 2018 I was

approached to put my name forward to join the first UCP board of

directors as central Alberta regional director. I did, and was elected to a 2-year term. I carried this position out, and was then acclaimed to a second 2-year term, which ended this past March. During that time, I was also a member of the Party Policy and Governance Committee (PPGC) on the board, and was a director on the Lacombe-Ponoka constituency association.

I would be honored to be your UCP representative for the Lacombe-Ponoka constituency and would work hard to be an honest conservative representative for this riding!

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!


My friend, Honorable Rob Norris, 10-year minister in Brad Wall's government, has graciously given me his endorsement. Truly, it would be a great privilege to serve you as your representative in Lacombe-Ponoka.

Every donation goes a long way to cover the expenses on my campaign.
For more information on how to donate please email at or call 403-877-7409.


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